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Burberry Trench

Today was my Vintage shopping day, and what a day it was...
I walked around for a good a hour among crap really. and then i passed
something that cought my eye. A brand new camel khaki trenchcoat.
This coat has not been worn more than a couple of times, amazing amazing!

You have to understand, for a guy like me this is actually as good as it gets...
I always wanted one but never found one Vintage. The Burberry "Signature" coat
is something special and valuable to fashion It's iconic. Every Single trench coat
today has its origin in this british luxury brand. it's fucking exiting when you know
the backround behind the garments you wear, rich by it's cultural heritage!

Quick Fashion Historie:
In 1914 Burberry was commissioned by the "War Office" to adapt officer's coat
to suit the conditions of contemporary warfare, resulting in the "trench coat".
After the war, the trench coat became popular with civilians.
The iconic Burberry check was created in the 1920s and used as a lining in its coats.

Do you love?
- I die!

Postat av: Dennis

sv: Nja, det blev aldrig av pga. massor av annat som jag har för mig. :) Ses en annan gång! Kram.

2010-03-03 @ 14:00:50
URL: http://www.dennism.se
Postat av: emma svensson :)

gud vilken härlig blogg :)

2010-03-03 @ 14:13:14
URL: http://eksvensson.blogg.se/
Postat av: MyzaaN - Princess Pink

Kul att du vill vara med i veckans blogg, i mon kommer de 10 finalisterna upp :) Får hoppas att du kommer fram då;)

och håller med dej snygg jacka ;D

2010-03-03 @ 20:51:12
URL: http://myzaans.blogg.se/

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