Lady Gaga vs Christina Aguilera !

Hey again puppies, i've been away for a bit. " I'm Late but Worth The Wait "
Okey i cannot stop myself from commenting on the big buzz...
Christina Aguileras new single "not myself tonight" premiered and instantly
the world was gunning for her. She's a "Lady Gaga" knock off bla bla bla...

Seriously, Is that a new bottom to low?
Lady Gaga i a pioneer, she has paved the way for ALL artists worldwide for
all future to be more free and creative. She has found a perfect platform
to showcase her artistic vain. She started a new era... like Michael Jackson!

He was "copied" from the beginning to end. He was the first one to make
10 minute music videos. Lady gaga just did that with "telephone" who got pissed?
No one. Why? because we like it and we get inspired from eachother!
Gaga has taken over the entire popculture and is today the worlds most famous artist!
from MY dignified point of view it's good that other artists follow her footsteps and experiment.
I for one though Christinas video and song was fantastic. Did it remind me of Gaga?
Of course everything in this style will be linked to her for many years to come but she
will always be the first and foremost let's realize and embrace her fantabulocity and move on?!
If i ever do music, i will propobly do something like this because it's liberating to me!
And so would you, really, GET OVER IT!
Gaga Forever <3

lady gaga christina aguilera

The Next Big Thing!

Postat av: jnk

Well, I think the real thing is that Aguilera has said on numerous occasions "I don't even know who she is. Why would I copy her, or him?" And well, she has been inspired. Yes. But inspired and copied is not the same thing.

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