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Sergio Benvindo Junior

Hey Bitches,
I just finished my last day on Antibiotics *Applause*
5 days seemed like 1 year and the highlight of the day was at 4pm when i popped the pill!
Well, i am actually feeling much better but my lungs or still rusty. Hella crazy, that Pneumonia.
There is a million things i wanna do. Thank's to the "California Minute", I'll have the time to.
I also been studding like a maniac. I love studds & spikes, it's a fetisch. i'll show you later...

I miss dancing and being all "healthy", but now i can start getting it on little bit.
It's gonna be hard to kill it but im going to alt least try to. It's okey. I never stress, EVER.
I belive that the hype takes the best of sometimes. So imma chill and do what i do.
Somehow the adrenaline that i get from being on stage takes over and i always bring it.
Being a passionate person kinda saves my ass sometimes, thankful for that though!

Here are some picture from the studio by Sandy Lee, You Like ?

Sergio Benvindo Junior, dance, black&white

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