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Black and White is such a hit for me this spring/summer, I love the contrasts
between the two dominant colors. In men's fashion black and white is our version
of "The Little Black Dress" or "Hollywood Glamour" you can't really fail...

No matter how far your personal style allows you to go, it will look formal.
There is a masculine elegance that we have been longing for, abuse that!

Remember: " You will never look back on a black & white outfit and regret it! "

Tips: Anything Goes
If you go for a bikerlook or Italian stalion or the skater look, dare to go all in.
play with the silhuette but keep it strickt

pictures: Ifashion


Postat av: Ronja

Allt var snyggt där på bilden.

2010-04-08 @ 22:54:40
URL: http://rounji.blogg.se/

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