• S/S 2010

2010-04-10 @ 20:40:33

Some of spring/summer COLOR trends are now posted and collected here.
You will find them all in the category "S/S 2010" or click HERE


• Sacre Bleau

2010-04-10 @ 20:05:58

Blue is not what i would call a "shocker" in spring collections, What we know we can develop!
The palette is lighter this season. The shade of heaven is are clearer and more "Tadaa"
We are talking crystal clear waters, blueberries, summer sky. But i like the "wash-out"
That color that looks like it has been faded out. It creates color without blinding people.

I would work Gianfranco Ferre, Missoni, Jill Sander & Moschino

What do we think about blue ?



• Monochrome

2010-04-09 @ 15:40:46
Grey is a great color, it symbolises the zone between YES & NO.
It basicly works with anything. it's a realxed color but very classy.
Grey is beautiful in all meterials, that's why you have to play with texture.
Mesh and moca is not the typical fabrics you use on men's, yet there here!
this year we are going even more on female territory with alot of lean and soft
fabrics and delicate designs but we are still keepin' our Dr. Martins to balance.

I would work the Costume National & Gucci Look

• How do you feel about Grey? •


• Vitamin C et Carrotine

2010-04-08 @ 22:15:07

C-vitamin & Carrotine all comes from healthy food choice, but also from clothes!
Orange is a big color this year, in all shades. As a hole piece or just as an accent color.
This color is very bright no matter what you do with it so you might wanna be careful...
i would personally wear it as the main garement on my outfit. Meaning a blazer with a lighter shirt
and then de-dramatice it with black skinny jeans and loads of accessories...

What is really good is that orange emphasize your skintone, this will make your
skin look more tanned or eccentuate your pale skin, win-win situation!

I would work the Dsquared & Jean Paul Gaultier looks

• How do you feel about orange ? •


• Blanc

2010-04-08 @ 12:08:53
Full White is my absolute favorite look for this Spring/Summer, it's so fresh!
Clinical white can be very simple yet very complicated to ensamble.
Just because you want it monochrome dosen't translate to flat, therefor the pressure!
Try to work layers cause what the layers will do is that it will create texture and form...
Look for garments that are tailored and detailed to accentuate your body figure.

Top it with long scarves and big bags. This look is a stunner and should forever be that.
like i said last time " Don't try to tone it down"  these are perfect summer-chic outfits.

Any Questions or Though?


• Classique

2010-04-06 @ 23:00:39

Black and White is such a hit for me this spring/summer, I love the contrasts
between the two dominant colors. In men's fashion black and white is our version
of "The Little Black Dress" or "Hollywood Glamour" you can't really fail...

No matter how far your personal style allows you to go, it will look formal.
There is a masculine elegance that we have been longing for, abuse that!

Remember: " You will never look back on a black & white outfit and regret it! "

Tips: Anything Goes
If you go for a bikerlook or Italian stalion or the skater look, dare to go all in.
play with the silhuette but keep it strickt

pictures: Ifashion


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