Dear travelers & staff at Arlanda Airport,...

2010-09-25 @ 13:21:16

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Dear travelers & staff at Arlanda Airport, due to  the severe state of annoyance you caused me when I had to pay 100 dollars for my bag and when YOUR kid kicked me on my leg. I was unable to compose myself in a diplomatic matter. I'm truly sorry for your bad attitude and will therefor not apologize for telling you to go (for lack of a better expression) "Fuck Yourself". I hope there won't be any hard feelings complicating our next encounter. Have a fantastic day.. Kind regards,  The guy that hates you more

what the f*? ..toll free?!

2010-09-25 @ 01:33:50

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what the f*? ..toll free?!

°Spike it all°

2010-09-17 @ 10:59:10
sergio benvindo junior

Hey Bitches,
I told you i was gonna show you my little pneumonia sideproject and it's finally here!
Since i am a studd&spike fanatic i had to make something and it ended up being a cap..
I named it "Rhino" for no reason. I stand by it, it really brought me joy.
I'm lookin forward to see what i can make next. i just love making my own stuff.
The process of creating things just gives me this sick joy....


2010-09-15 @ 00:02:55

Zhuko Dance TheaterZhukov Dance Theater

Zhukov Dance TheaterZhukov Dance Theater

Zhukov Dance TheaterZhukov Dance Theater

Ladies and Gentleman,
here are some pictures taken by the amazing photographer Sandy Lee
straight from the stage giving you a sneak peak from the rehearsals as promised.
Lighting, sound, markers and prepping for some suprises ;)

"In a single evening, Zhukov Dance Theater establish itself
as one of most promising presences on the Bay Area dance scene"

With movement this luscious, if Zhukovs selling I'm Buying!

- San Francisco Chronicle

Doubleclick & Get Your Tic's


°Fort Mason°

2010-09-14 @ 10:59:38


Today is our second day at fort mason an boy o' boy is it pretty?!

It's perfectly located down at the marina, basicly ON the water.

We ha technical rehearsals and costume and i am so exited. I am truely blessed to be

sharing stage with these fantastic people. Zhukov Dance Theater are a group of people

that do what they love but they give som much love and care for one and other.

Solidarity is the word. Everone get their place in the cluster, that is truely rare....


Thursday night is THE NIGHT! but imma give you a insider on how my day looks like =)

Now go somewhere and comeback and to see it. You have to cause you read it! =)



2010-09-13 @ 11:59:03
sergio benvindo junior

Hey Bitches,
Today's keyword is Powerpush. I need to keep my shit together...
Every stage of this day will offer something that will slowly push me towards the edge.
So with a solid breakfast, nice music, great attitude and a little luck i will get trough the day!

Highlight: I could go on all day telling you why i don't like religion....
But i am going to save my time and let the church do it for me!
If and When there is someone that disagrees with me, please contact me!
I'd love to hear how YOU think. Solidarity! ;)

Although i HAVE to comment on a statement below. "4 things god wants you to know" ?
I want to meet the person that took thes note from the lord himself. i got questions.
Like, why is the atempt to get people be better built on guilt?

Delay is always dangerous....


°Alors On Danse°

2010-09-12 @ 14:34:18
Sergio Benvindo Junior

Hey Bitches,
I just finished my last day on Antibiotics *Applause*
5 days seemed like 1 year and the highlight of the day was at 4pm when i popped the pill!
Well, i am actually feeling much better but my lungs or still rusty. Hella crazy, that Pneumonia.
There is a million things i wanna do. Thank's to the "California Minute", I'll have the time to.
I also been studding like a maniac. I love studds & spikes, it's a fetisch. i'll show you later...

I miss dancing and being all "healthy", but now i can start getting it on little bit.
It's gonna be hard to kill it but im going to alt least try to. It's okey. I never stress, EVER.
I belive that the hype takes the best of sometimes. So imma chill and do what i do.
Somehow the adrenaline that i get from being on stage takes over and i always bring it.
Being a passionate person kinda saves my ass sometimes, thankful for that though!

Here are some picture from the studio by Sandy Lee, You Like ?

Sergio Benvindo Junior, dance, black&white

°I Whip my hair back n forth, I really do°

2010-09-11 @ 14:12:03


Willow Smith Sergio benvindo   whip my hair

She looks like me when i was a kid


Willow Smith is on her grown girl steez with her new track “Whip My Hair,” her introduction to the music biz. The sleek, club-ready joint sees the nine-year-old encouraging her fellow gals to snap their heads back and forth and whip that hair like a helicopter. Taking cues from her fashion idol Rihanna, the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith shows that this little diva-in-training has what it takes to tussle with the big girls—and her ’tude hasn’t gone unnoticed.

She’s already received a co-sign from Solange Knowles, known for her own experimental hairstyles. “WIllow Smith make me wanna whip some haiiirrr in this house. Ummm kill em girl. Kill em!” she tweeted.



I <3 This. What do you think? Leave a comment! Whip My Hair - Willow Smith by Rap-Up

°Everyone Needs Coffee°

2010-09-10 @ 14:17:38
sergio benvindo junior L.A
Los Angeles @ Coffee Bean

Getting Coffe In The Morning!

It's essential for me to go to my favorite coffee shop in when i wake up.
Where ever that might be. I can't say it's all about the coffee. I'd be lying.
It's about the ritual of walking with your ipod on, getting your brain started
to the music that gets your attitude just right so when you say "double soy latte"
That bitch better not fuck it up, cause i'll go medieval on her ass...

Enjoy your day bitches ;)

°Mouli Fall 2010°

2010-09-09 @ 09:18:08
Mouli 2010/2011

Bad News
Hey Dudes, it has been a while since i blogged and yes i got all the e-mail so...
I will try to do my best. I am sick with pneumonia/Bronkitus. It's kinda serious
I got my antibiotics so hopefully i'll be fresh like a daisy by this weekend again !

Glamorous News
I just saw that Mouli released their fall 2010/2011 collection and i'm in it.
Really enjoyed the shoot! Visit their website to check out all the stuff