sergio benvindo junior

Hey Bitches,
Today's keyword is Powerpush. I need to keep my shit together...
Every stage of this day will offer something that will slowly push me towards the edge.
So with a solid breakfast, nice music, great attitude and a little luck i will get trough the day!

Highlight: I could go on all day telling you why i don't like religion....
But i am going to save my time and let the church do it for me!
If and When there is someone that disagrees with me, please contact me!
I'd love to hear how YOU think. Solidarity! ;)

Although i HAVE to comment on a statement below. "4 things god wants you to know" ?
I want to meet the person that took thes note from the lord himself. i got questions.
Like, why is the atempt to get people be better built on guilt?

Delay is always dangerous....


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