• Why Am I Fat ?

2010-06-23 @ 07:29:29
San Francisco

The fact that americans BMI is a number larger than this planet itself is not news for many of us
but i was recently introduced to something that far more evident than the figures.
it's a fine establishment called, yes, Costco! Ohfuckholyshitgoddamnit it was HUGE...
The size of things ware like a joke. It's just like the movie "honey, i shrunk the kids"
I felt like a toddler in there. even the apples were gigantic...so instinctivly i loved it!
i know that those poor hens had pay with their lives to get the basket balls out
.....i mean eggs

Let's face it, im superskinny...like a slice of prociutto but the people that were
shopping there were, uh..not!
I wonder if anyone ever looked at a product going; Wow this is too big, it's just too much?!
Because i only seem to hear the crying voice of "Lakisha" (my inner fat girl) saying; why am i fat?
i'm sure many of you can relate to this. Haha. But on a serious note i really wonder what their
demographic is, what kind of people are they aiming for?
Skinny and hungry? Fat and even more hungry? mistery to me....
anyways I got my stuff and my favorite thing was a clear winner!
ping-pong sized blueberries =)     i wonder if they are "Organic" ?

Thank's Allie, Chris & Darren. Same time next week? ;)

• Im Back In SF

2010-06-21 @ 06:18:01
San Francisco

Hello Sinners,
Let's get to it, there alot to cover!
I got your e-mails and texts and etc. I wanna post one message sent to me, anonymously!

"Hey Mannequin, i love your blog...Keep updating cause the pictures and your texts are great.
The style of the blog really looks great and matches your style perfectly, Update update!"

// Someone

Well Well Well, that is one of the nicest e-mail ever sent to me regarding my blog!
Who ever you are "someone", i appreciate it alot and i will update more !
btw, I love that you didn't know my name and called me "The Mannequin", congrats now i am!

I just got to San Francisco The other day, it's fantastic. i'll tell you everything!
But now i need to watch my alltime favorite channel, BRAVO.