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sergio benvindo junior

Hey Bitches,
I told you i was gonna show you my little pneumonia sideproject and it's finally here!
Since i am a studd&spike fanatic i had to make something and it ended up being a cap..
I named it "Rhino" for no reason. I stand by it, it really brought me joy.
I'm lookin forward to see what i can make next. i just love making my own stuff.
The process of creating things just gives me this sick joy....

Postat av: Moa

Hah, fieeercee!

2010-09-17 @ 23:10:34
Postat av: NINNIE

Haha cool!

2010-09-20 @ 18:39:36
URL: http://ninniesodergren.blogg.se/
Postat av: Gustav Marklund


2010-10-31 @ 02:01:01
URL: http://gustavmarklund.blogg.se/
Postat av: zhangquanhua

Haha cool!


Postat av: Gregory

Oooh, love the spikes!

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