Dear travelers & staff at Arlanda Airport,...

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Dear travelers & staff at Arlanda Airport, due to  the severe state of annoyance you caused me when I had to pay 100 dollars for my bag and when YOUR kid kicked me on my leg. I was unable to compose myself in a diplomatic matter. I'm truly sorry for your bad attitude and will therefor not apologize for telling you to go (for lack of a better expression) "Fuck Yourself". I hope there won't be any hard feelings complicating our next encounter. Have a fantastic day.. Kind regards,  The guy that hates you more

Postat av: Frank

Great blog

Postat av: liindblaads

Dagens bloggvinnare e uppe, vem vet de kanske va du ;) on och checka läget ^^


2010-10-25 @ 07:39:48
Postat av: zhangquanhua

I hope there won't be any hard feelings complicating our next encounter.

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