• All i want for christmas is.....?

After an exhaustingly fun night out we redused into laughter.
We drank, we danced, I lost my ring, we sat at max burger for HOURS..
Had too much fun, in a healty way of course. i would never...
eat carbs. Tried to find my way back home and that alone was a struggle
then i had to get up again in 2hours to go on tour, life sucked the next day.
Then again, doesn't it always suck the next day? *newsflash*
I think the message and the translation in the picture is quite clear,
very artistic. Somehow it speaks for it's self..This bitch is brilliant !

Kawabunga JÓ,

Postat av: Elin

Åh hawt, jag gillar din blogg, fräsh.

Är inte så nöjd med min blogg, innehållet gillar jag men expressenbloggar suger, kan inte få till som jag vill ha det sj.

Haft en blogspot som var tusen ggr snyggare, får se hur länge jag stannar med den fula expressen.

Puss Elin, en ny läsare

2009-12-11 @ 01:38:11
URL: http://blogg.expressen.se/elinssecret/

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