• Is This Clean ?

Today is one of those day where everything is kind of boring UNTIL i
decided to wash my clothes... It is Bananas. Never have i ever.....
I never do it because obviously i do not know HOW to.
I'm not ashamed. I googled it and "bam" i was back on track.
80 minutes of retarded behaviour captured on camera.
i actually tried to see how long a sock could get, all i say is: really loooong!

But oouh, get this!
I found all my kid stuff down here and among them i found my favorite "teddy"
DONALD DUCK, i cuddled all the childhood memories out of that thing...
Now i need to get a movie to watch!

Postat av: Miss C

Love this pics ;D

2010-04-20 @ 11:43:47
URL: http://missc.devote.se/
Postat av: NINNIE

älskar när du drar i strumpan med munnen!! Cool bild!!! :):) HAHA

2010-04-20 @ 14:34:21
URL: http://ninniesodergren.blogg.se/

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