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Hey dudes, i am off to the party and I am happy with my choice of outfit!
It's on another level. I found this awesome necklace it gorgeous and that
made all the difference and I am inaugurating the sweater that I made myself.
You’ll get a peak now and I’ll show you the entire outfit tomorrow.
Hopefully I form of a picture from the party otherwise we might have a problem ;)



Postat av: LarsS

Damn, outfiten ser ju makalös ut! Riiktigt stiligt alltså!! :)

Förresten tack för kommentaren! :) Ha en bra dag!

2010-04-17 @ 10:19:23
URL: http://lsjoberg.blogg.se/
Postat av: Victor

Sjukt snygg outfit! Make me one :-)

2010-04-27 @ 22:05:14
URL: http://xoxovictor.blogg.se/

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