• Peter Jöback, Impressive...

Balmain spring 2010 womenswear peter jöback melodifestivalen 2010
 Photo: Qx.se

Peter Jöback (famous singer) is found in a very nice creation by what i think
is a the Swedish super designer Lars Wallin. A very Balmain inspired creation
from he's spring 2010 collection. a Olive green "band jacket" with shoulder details.
I wish they would have gone for bigger shoulder to create a more majectic silhouette.

I'am impressed by the outfit. Usually the artits show up in dreadful stage costumes.
With all due respect to the stylists, but they never amaze on this show, Tonight HE does!
Fashion is such a big part of this type of artistry, They need to step up to the plate !
He's looking fabulous and i think it will be a hit...
Good luck,

Vad säger du, Hit eller Miss ?


Postat av: MyzaaN - Princess Pink

Hit, men hellla han är ju snygg ?= ;)

haha nawe tackar så mycket :D snäll du är :D

2010-02-27 @ 23:06:05
URL: http://myzaans.blogg.se/
Postat av: Miss C

HIT!!!! Älskar Balmain, älskar Jöback!!!

2010-02-28 @ 18:51:51
URL: http://missc.devote.se

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