• Grey Friday!

Sergio Benvindo Junior

Sergio Benvindo Junior

This is my outfit for today,
I'm working alot of gray. a White shirt to accentuate the greey biker jacket
that goes under the trench coat. the colors are similar but it's the shades that
really makes it intresting here. I bought this really awesome bag from some
vintage shop. The colors are absolutly gorgeus distinctive yet pale and "suave"
Observe the "Pale pastell pink" it's a real nice color for this spring. fragile yet
Masculine wich gives a good vibe out on the streets when the sun pops out !

Tip: Layer same colours in different shades, materials and fabrics to create
struckture and dimensions. That will make an awesome outfit
that won't fall flat in the cold, dark days of the winter

Postat av: BasC

lovely bag!

2010-02-26 @ 23:31:01
URL: http://BasC.se/
Postat av: Miss C


2010-02-27 @ 19:11:55
URL: http://missc.devote.se

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